About Us

TopUni Network is among India’s premier education event platforms that offers students and universities opportunities to interact and get to know each other. Our transparent process and platform serve as a bridge, helping students gain access to top universities, meet representatives, and make the right career choices.

Our Story

Founded by Mr. Laxmikant Sharma, TopUni Network is a sister concern of FormsKart. He has been working in the trenches of the education sector for over two decades. With the success of FormsKart, he realized that the education sector is plagued with a lack of right guidance, the inability to access leading universities, and the roadblocks that affect students throughout India.

He eventually came up with the idea of TopUni Network which simplifies access to leading educational institutes from around the world. In-person events allow students to connect with representatives from top universities, allow them to interact and ask questions that bother them, and learn about the application process, campus facilities, admission procedures, and scholarship options available. Universities are able to meet 1000s of talented students under one roof, offering them the opportunities to share why they match the students’ future goals.

TopUni Network takes care of everything from scratch. From offering universities adequate space at events to making facilities available to students for free, these events are hosted entirely for the benefit of students. The events, hosted in several cities of India throughout the year, are attended by thousands of students. TopUni Network events shall and will always be striving to make networking opportunities available to students and universities from around the world.

Our Vision

To foster transparency and accessibility between students and top universities from around the world, enabling smoother student onboarding and experience.

Our Mission

TopUni Network is committed to helping students connect with the Top Universities of the world and achieve their maximum potential.

TopUni Values

We stand by our values as a torch bearer and our event practices reflect them. TopUni is committed to offering students valuable guidance and a brighter future.




Trust & Integrity


A Message From Our Founder

“TopUni Network was formed with the vision of offering every student a chance to study in a college or university of their choice. Everyone has the right to receiving quality education. Our team makes sure that students get every bit of assistance they need at our events. We don’t just match students to top universities but also their dreams.”

– Laxmikant Sharma, Founder & CEO, TopUni Network

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